Tallahassee has four Indivisible Chapters. 

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Indivisible Tallahassee's Mission

The Women's March and the Indivisible Movement were born just after the president was elected and before he was inaugurated. It's been an arduous several years for the Resistance Movement, but we're thriving and have seen some successes, including flipping the House of Representatives BLUE in 2018 and keeping it in 2020.   We remain dedicated to bringing about more success in 2022.

The Indivisible Movement now has two important tasks ahead:

  • Continuing to be in contact with sitting lawmakers to direct their actions towards democracy

  • Continuing to Flip congressional and legislative seats blue in 2022


Elections 2022 

General Election: 

Early Voting:

Oct 24 - Nov 6

Election Day:

November 8, 2022

#BlueWave Coming... 

In the time of the coronavirus, all of our customary ways of organizing have been challenged. This will also be true as we face the next two election cycles in our state.


We can no longer easily canvass door-to-door to register and educate voters on issues and remind them of election dates. We have had to turn to online methods for this.


It is universally accepted among all progressive and left-leaning groups that we now must do what the Republicans have been doing: shift our voting to Vote By Mail (VBM).


Florida will continue to have diverse ways of voting: Early Voting periods, mail-in ballots, and in-person voting on election days.

If you are in Leon County, please click this link to order your mail-in ballot: www.leonvotes.org


Your mail-in ballot is your insurance policy that will assure that you can vote safely. If you later decide to still vote in-person, simply bring your mail-in ballot to any Early Voting site and you will be given a regular ballot with which to cast your vote. On Election Day itself, turn your mail-in ballot in at the Supervisor of Elections Office and you will be allowed to vote in-person at your usual voting site.

Click here to visit Indivisible Tallahassee's fan page on Facebook for up-to-date information: https://www.facebook.com/indivisibletallahassee/ 


Election Security... 

In Election Year 2022, more than ever, casting our votes safely is a huge issue. We in Florida have two more election cycles this year: our August primary and the November general election.


While Republicans have long used multiple strategies to limit voting, knowing that if we all vote we win, this year the coronavirus pandemic piles on top of their earlier obstructive methodologies (gerrymandering, closing polling stations in minority neighborhoods, mysteriously deleting the names of eligible voters from voter roles) to threaten our most fundamental constitutional right: our vote.


They point to a fictitious ‘voter fraud.’ But the reality is that voter obstruction and the manipulation of voting results in myriad ways is how they win elections.


It has become necessary for as many voters as possible throughout our county to cast their ballots by mail, or to vote in-person in the Early Voting period that precedes each Election Day.


This will help assure that we vote without exposure to COVID-19 and that our ballots get counted.




The Indivisible movement began just as the results of the 2016 election were known. Former staffers for Democratic members of Congress put their heads together to evaluate where things stood and what they knew from their long experience in Democratic offices. They understood that they had been on the front lines for receiving the political pressure of the Right-wing conservative Tea Party (now called the Freedom Caucus) for many years and understood that many of the Tea Party's tactics had been effective. 

• Visits to Members of Congress (MOCs)

• Demanding and attending town hall meetings with their MOCs 
• Organizing likeminded voters to vote in unison

• Writing editorials • Social networking

• Creating an identity for themselves and organizing themselves 

These former staffers wrote a guide they named the Indivisible Guide and published it as a PDF file that could be distributed online. They began to network their Guide and activists began to find it. After the publication and networking of the Guide, these former staffers developed a national hub for the many localized Indivisible chapters that began to spring up around the U.S. using the principles set forth in the Guide.


Today's national Indivisible movement is strong and growing. It remains a largely decentralized movement that allows each city and community to develop themselves in accordance with their local personalities and needs. Urban chapters in big cities may look different than rural chapters. Chapters in capital cities may have added activities due to the effects of state government in their communities. Indivisible's decentralized models allows its basic principles and approaches to be customized to the local activists' needs. 

Some cities host large Indivisible chapters with many commit-tees within them taking on specific tasks and responsibilities. Tallahassee developed in another way, by developing multiple Indivisible chapters in our small cities, each designing its own activist mission within the principles of the Guide. 

Link to National Indivisible: www.indivisible.org



The Indivisible Guide provides effective 'recipes' for local activism that the former Democratic staffers identify as easy, useful and accessible. Basically, it encourages citizen activists to keep the pressure on their own lawmakers by: 

• Requesting or demanding public town hall meetings from their Members of Congress     (MOCs). 

• Calling their MOCs every day to give feedback and input on the issues

• Writing and faxing MOCs frequently

• Making personal visits to MOCs' regional offices

• Organizing Democratic voters for elections


The Guide makes one very important point, too: When your party is not in power, it is not the moment for your party to propose its positive agenda. It is time to resist the agenda of the opposing party. 

Take a look at the Indivisible Guide to learn more: 


Introducing our Local Chapters...

Please Join us!

Indivisible Tallahassee

Indivisible Tallahassee is the social-media arm of the local Indivisible movement. It administers the main Indivisible page on Facebook and communicates to and with the three operative Indivisible chapters in our town.

This chapter also organizes some public events: protests, demonstrations, marches and others. It is this chapter that provides this website.

Indivisible Tallahassee Facebook Link:  https://www.facebook.com/indivisibletallahassee/

Indivisible: RISE 

Indivisible: RISE (Indivisible: Rural In the SouthEast) This chapter no longer meets face-to-face during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, it organizes and executes 

at-home voter letter writing projects such as the current VoteForward program. (In 2018 and 2020, it also led the Warm Voter Project with great success.)


Indivisible RISE Facebook Link:   


Resist TRUMP Indivisible - Tallahassee

Resist Trump Indivisible - Tallahassee no longer meets face-to-face, but has shifted its meetings to the Zoom online video meeting site. They still feature dynamic community speakers such as a author Rick Wilson, our current and former Supervisors of Elections, members of the Florida House of Representatives, and college professors who specialize in the areas of political science, history and government. The Zooms are in the Town Hall style, allowing participants to ask questions after the speaker’s presentation. To join the Zoom meetings, please message: cgratt@aol.com

 Resist Trump Facebook Link:


Postcards + Politics Indivisible - Tallahassee

Postcards + Politics Indivisible – Tallahassee no longer meets face-to-face in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. It has moved its member interactions to its private group page on Facebook and a weekly Zoom meeting. This group has mailed in more than 110,000 postcards since its inception in early 2017. Members have written to federal lawmakers, the White House, the Cabinet, the NRA and its lobbyists, Fox News and its advertisers, media moguls, state/local elected leaders, and more. Additionally, P+P has written with the national Postcards To Voters movement, sending cards across the country to Dem voters in support of Dem candidates – and have been a part of many election successes. Now P+P is focusing on Vote By Mail, writing to Leon County voters to prompt them to request mail-in ballots for both upcoming elections in 2022.

Please message this chapter through its public page on Facebook, at this link:


Postcards + Politics Facebook Link:


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Indivisible Tallahassee's Archive of Past Events


Covid-19 Body Bag Protest at Capitol    May 12, 2020 

Indivisible Tallahassee and Tallahassee Active Resistance worked in coalition to protest Florida's GOP governor's (Ron DeSantis) premature reopening of the state during the coronavirus pandemic. The national Indivisible movement sent out a call for community protests and on this first day of those protests, Tallahassee was one of four cities to respond. Within a week, a second call went out and more cities protested then.


The Tallahassee protest featured mock body bags and workers in mock hazmat gear -- and a Death spectre and a bobblehead President Trump. The body bags were laid upon the historic Florida Capitol's steps and a video was made of the event (along with still shots). The public was not alerted, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This was a visual event.


Rachel Maddow carried our video, shot and edited by Maureen Walsh, a professional videographer in Tallahassee -- and the original founder of Tallahassee Indivisible (now Indivisible Tallahassee). The still shots were made by professional photographer, graphic designer and social media facilitator Kim Armstrong.


Our local daily newspaper (Tallahassee Democrat) and local TV station (WTXL-TV) carried the story


That night, national Indivisible sent Maureen's video to the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, where it was the lead story and captured the most protest footage of the day. CNN also carried the story of the Tallahassee body bag protest.


Links to all of this coverage are here:

Twitter:  Rachel Maddow Show | Maureen Walsh video:


National Indivisible Movement coverage:


CNN Affiliate: CBS12 News coverage:


Tallahassee Democrat coverage:


WTXL-TV coverage:


Bobblehead and Death Specture on steps p
with signs and Death spectre picmonkey.j
Body bag protest.png

Contact Your Representatives

Members of Congress (MOCs) are motivated to remain in office. When large numbers of their constituents speak up about an issue, they tend to listen.


(R - FL)

402 South Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399


(R - FL)

B3 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5274


Neal Dunn.jpg

(R - CD2)

200 South Adams St.
Tallahassee, FL 32301


(D - CD5)

435 North Macomb St.
Tallahassee, FL 32301


More from Indivisible Tallahassee's Archives of Past Events

VIGIL and PROTEST:   The Mueller Investigation

 November 8, 2018, 5:00 pm at the Old Capitol


 Sessions has been fired, and Trump is trying to suppress the Mueller investigation.

 We must NOT let this happen!

 MoveOn.org and Indivisible.org have called for a nationwide action that is organized on a local basis. 



Historic Capitol in Tallahassee 

November 8, 2018

5:00 pm

400 S Monroe St
Tallahassee, FL 32399


Bring your protest signs, American flags, and determination to bond together in community to insist that the White House not tamper with the Mueller probe into the 2016 campaign and Russian interference with our presidential election.

This will be a peaceful vigil on the east steps of the old Capitol facing Apalachee Parkway.

There are no planned speeches or programs since this is a rapid-response mobilization to yesterday's forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose replacement AG is hostile to the Mueller investigation. 

Bring your flashlights and battery-operated candles and lanterns. It will be dark shortly after 6 pm.

Check the weather and dress accordingly. Please wear closed footwear.

Protest signs should be hand-held and not have sticks attached.

Park legally nearby. Bring comfy shoes and water. A hat is also good. It might be cold and wet, so wear warm layers and footwear. We might be there long hours, so bring any important Rx's you might need.


Peaceful gathering. This will be a nonviolent gathering. The Capitol's front lawn is wheelchair accessible.

Event is public.

Please click the following link to go to the MoveOn.org event site for national info.


Link to the MoveOn.org event site:  https://act.moveon.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response-events/search/